Meaning name Amedeus


Meaning name Amedeus
Variant spelling of Latin Amadeus, meaning "to love God."

Amedea - Feminine form of Italian Amadeo, meaning "to love God."
Ameena - Variant spelling of Arabic Amina, meaning "honest, trustworthy."
Amlia - Portuguese form of German Amalia, meaning "work." 
Amelia - English form of German Amalia, meaning "work."
Amlie - French form of German Amalia, meaning "work."
Amelie - English form of French Amélie, meaning "work."
Amelinda - Old German name composed of the elements amal "work" and lint "serpent, snake," or lind "soft, weak," hence either "work serpent" or "weak worker."
Ameretat - Avestan name meaning "immortality." In Zoroastrian mythology, this is the name of a goddess of immortality.
Amethea - Greek name meaning "no loiterer." In mythology, this is the name of one of the horses of the sun god Helios.
Amethyst - English name derived from the name of the precious stone, from Greek amethustos, meaning "not intoxicated; sober," expressing the ancient belief that the stone had the ability to protect one from drunkenness. This name is sometimes given to girls born in February.