Meaning name Almericus



Meaning name Almericus
Variant spelling of Latin Amaliricus, a form of Old German Amaliric, meaning "work-power."
Almasd - Armenian name meaning "diamond."
Almira - Short form of Spanish Adelmira, meaning "nobly famous." In use by the English, as is its variant Elmira.
Almudena - Spanish name derived from Arabic al-madinah (المدينة), meaning "the city."
Almeric - Variant spelling of German Almerich, meaning "work-power."
Almerich - German name derived from Latin Almericus, a form of Old German Amaliric, meaning "work-power."
Álmos - Hungarian name of the legendaryfounder of Hungary, meaning "dreamy; sleepy" or, according to folk etymology, "the Dreamt One."