Meaning name Algimantas



Meaning name Algimantas
Lithuanian name, composed of the elements alga "wages" and manta "wealth," hence "wealthy."
Algoma - English name having several possible origins, the most likely being from the place name invented by Henry Schoolcraft, composed of the prefix Al- from the Native American tribal name Algonquin, and the suffix -goma from the Algonquin word goma, meaning "lake." 
Algar - Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon Ælfgar, meaning "elf spear." 
Alger - Variant spelling of Middle English Algar, meaning elf spear." 
Algernon -  English name derived from the old Norman French byname algernon, from aux gernons, for someone "moustached." 
Algimas - Contracted form of Lithuanian Algimantas, meaning "wealthy."
Algis - Pet form of Lithuanian Algimas, meaning "wealthy."