Meaning name Albrekt



Meaning name Albrekt
Low German form of Old High German Albrecht, meaning "bright nobility."
Alba - Italian and Spanish name meaning "dawn."
Albana - Albanian name derived from the tribe name, meaning "the Albanian." The country name was also derived from the tribe name.
Alberta -   Feminine form of English Albert, meaning "bright nobility."
Albertha - Feminine form of Danish Alberth, meaning "bright nobility."
Albertina - Diminutive form of Italian Alberta, meaning "bright nobility."
Albertine - Feminine form of French Albert, meaning "bright nobility."
Albina - Feminine form of English Albin, meaning "like Albus," i.e. "white."
Albain - Perhaps a French form of Gaelic Ailpein, meaning "white." 
Alban - English name derived from Latin Albanus, meaning "like Albus," i.e. "white."
Albanus - Latin family name meaning "like Albus," i.e. "white." It is related to the place name Alba which comes from the Celtic word Albion, used to refer to the whole island of Great Britain.