Meaning name Akhnaton



Meaning name Akhnaton
Variant spelling of Egyptian Akhenaton, meaning "he who works for Aton."
Akhenaten - Egyptian name of a pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty, meaning"he who works for Aten." 
Akhenaton - Variant spelling of Egyptian Akhenaten, meaning"he who works for Aton." 
Akhil - Hindi name meaning"complete."
Akhilleus - Greek name possibly composed of akhos "grief" and laos "the people," hence "he who embodies the grief of the people." In mythology, this is the name of the greatest of Greek heroes who fought the Trojans, known for being the most handsome and the fleetest of foot at Troy, and for his love for his friend Patroclus. 
Akhnaten - Variant spelling of Egyptian Akhenaten, meaning "he who works for Aten."
Akhom - Egyptian name meaning "eagle."