Meaning name Adonis



Meaning name Adonis
Greek name derived from Hebrew Adonai, meaning "my lord." In mythology, this is the name of a beautiful youth who was loved by Aphrodite. He was killed while hunting a boar and the anemone flower sprang from his blood. 
Adolpha - Feminine form of Latin Adolphus,meaning "noble wolf." 
Adona - Feminine form of Italian Adone, meaning "my lord."
Adoncia - Spanish name meaning "sweet." 
Adongo - African Luo name meaning "second born of twins."
Adonia -  Feminine form of Greek Adonis, meaning "my lord." Compare with masculine Adonia.
Adora - Short form of Spanish Adoracion, meaning "adoration."
Adoracion - Spanish name meaning"adoration." 
Adorabella - Latin name meaning "adored beauty."
Adorabelle - Variant spelling of Latin Adorabella, meaning "adored beauty."
Adoria - Variant spelling of Spanish Adora, meaning "adoration."