WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Nicole - Feminine form of French Nicolas, meaning "victor of the people."
Aineías - Greek name derived from the word aíneo "to praise," hence "praiseworthy." In Greek mythology, this is the name of a Trojan warrior who founded the Roman state. In the bible, it is the name of a paralytic cured by Peter.
Seiichi - Japanese name meaning "refined first (son)."
Hourher - Armenian name meaning "flaming hair; red-headed."
Siti - Egyptian name meaning "lady."
Hipolit - Polish form of Greek Hippolytos, meaning "horse-freer."
Harmonia - Greek name meaning "concord, harmony." In mythology, this is the name of the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Her Latin name is Concordia.
Hymenaeus - Latin form of Greek Hymenaios, meaning "bridal song" or "wedding song." In mythology, this is the name of a god of marriage.
Edona - Albanian name meaning "she loves."
Conleth - Modern form of Irish Gaelic Conláed, meaning "purifying fire."
Hadiyya - Arabic name meaning "gift."
Husto - Chamoru name meaning "just; righteous."
Hoda - Variant spelling of Arabic Houda, meaning "right guidance."
Napona - Chamoru name meaning "his wave."
Hannie - Pet form of English Hannah, meaning "favor; grace."
Phillip - Variant spelling of English Philip, meaning "lover of horses."
Rogier - French form of Latin Rogerius, meaning "famous spear." 
Rong - Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "flourishing" or 2) "harmonious."
Griffith -  Anglicized form of Welsh Gruffudd, meaning "(?) chief/lord." 
Matthan - Greek form of Hebrew Mattan, meaning "a gift." In the bible, this is the name of an ancestor of Christ.
Nicon - Latin form of Greek Nikon, meaning "conquest, victory."
Iona -   Scottish name derived from the name of an island in the Hebrides, ultimately from Old Norse ey, meaning "island." 
Hasib - Arabic name meaning "respected."
Heather - English name derived from the plant name, meaning "heather."
Hywel - Old Welsh byname transferred to forename use, meaning "eminent, conspicuous."
Hal - Pet form of English Henry, meaning "home-ruler."
Hildegarde - Variant spelling of Teutonic Hildegard, meaning "battle guard."
Hêbê - Greek name derived from the word hebos, meaning "young." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of youth.
Helfried - Contracted form of German Helmfried, meaning "helmet-peace."
Helmine - Short form of German Wilhelmina, meaning "will-helmet."
Henrikas - Lithuanian form of Latin Henricus, meaning "home-ruler."
Hasida - Variant spelling of Hebrew Chasida, meaning "stork" and "righteous."
Homer - Short form of Greek Homeros, meaning "hostage." This was the name of a famous Greek poet.
Malasintha - Teutonic form of Gothic Amalasuintha, meaning "strong worker."
Hale - English surname transferred to forename use, derived from Old English halh "nook, recess," hence "lives in a nook."
Higini - Catalan form of Latin Hyginus, meaning "healthy."
Heidi - Swiss pet form of Old High German Adalheid, meaning "noble sort." 
Herluin - Norman French name composed of the Germanic elements erl "nobleman, warrior" and wini "friend," hence "noble friend" or "noble warrior."
Hereweald - Anglo-Saxon name, composed of the Old English elements here "army" and weald "power, rule," hence "army ruler." 
Hadya - Variant spelling of Arabic Hadiyya, meaning "gift."
Heqet - Egyptian name of a frog-headed goddess of fertility, meaning "frog."
Helmuth - Variant spelling of German Helmut, meaning "helmet-courage."
Honaw - Native American Hopi name meaning "bear."
Hototo - Native American Hopi name meaning "warrior spirit who sings" or "he who whistles."
Howahkan - Native American Sioux name meaning "of the mysterious voice."
Hermocrates - Latin form of Greek Hermokrates, meaning "power of Hermes."
Hilarius - Latin form of Greek Hilarion, meaning "joyful; happy."
Hugo - Latin form of Old French Hugon, meaning "heart," "mind," or "spirit."
Herb - English short form of German Herbert, meaning "bright army."
Yabiyn - Hebrew name meaning "whom God observes." In the bible, this is the name of two kings of the Hazor. The English form is Jabin.