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Hatty - Variant spelling of English Hattie, meaning "little home-ruler."
Hendrika - Feminine form of Dutch Hendrik, meaning "home-ruler."
Pattie - Variant spelling of English Patty, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Porsche - German form of Roman Latin Porcius, meaning "pig." A moon of Uranus was given this name.
Peggie - Variant spelling of English Peggy, meaning "pearl."
Pannoowau - Native American Algonquin name meaning "he lies."
Pythius - Latin form of Greek Pythios, possibly meaning "to rot." In mythology, this is the name of a serpent killed by Apollo near Delphi. The name then became one of his epithets.
Panoptes - Greek name meaning "all-eyed." In mythology, this is an epithet of the giant Argos.
Hrodohaidis - Teutonic name composed of the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort," hence "famous sort."
Heimo - Variant spelling of German Haimo, meaning "home."
Darius - Latin form of Greek Dareios, meaning "possesses a lot, wealthy." In the bible, this is the name of several characters including Darius the Mede, son of Ahasuerus, king of the Chaldeans.
Heino - Pet form of Old High German Heinrich, meaning "home-ruler."
Heiko - Pet form of Old High German Heinrich, meaning "home-ruler."
Philippos - Greek name composed of the elements phil "love" and hippos "horse," hence "lover of horses." In the bible, this is the name of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, and several other characters.
Panfilo - Italian form of Latin Pamphilus, meaning "friend of all."
Valarie - English variant spelling of Roman Latin Valerie, meaning "to be healthy, to be strong." 
Petr - Czech form of Greek Petros, meaning "rock, stone."
Eloxochitl - Nahuatl name meaning "magnolia."
Pankratios - Greek name composed of the elements pan "all" and kratos "power," hence "all power."
Pushpa - Hindi name meaning "flower."
Hua-ling - Chinese name, possibly meaning "magnificent dawn."
Paroh - Hebrew name of Egyptian origin, meaning "great house." In the bible, this is a title for the king of Egypt.
Hartwin - Old German name composed of the elements hard/hart "brave; hardy, strong" and win "friend," hence "hardy friend."
Ptaysanwee - Native American Sioux name meaning "white buffalo."
Hyacinthe - French form of Latin Hyacintha, meaning "hyacinth flower."
Hipolito - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Hippolytus, meaning "horse-freer."
Henrique - Portuguese form of Latin Henricus, meaning "home-ruler."
Phestos - Greek form of Latin Festus, meaning "festival." In the bible, this is the name of the successor of Felix, the procurator of Judea who refused to bow to the pressure of the Jews who wanted him to condemn St. Paul to death for preaching. 
Hanif - Arabic name meaning "true and upright."
Piritta - Finnish form of Latin Brigitta, meaning "exalted one."
Valbone - Albanian name derived from a city of the same name, possibly connected with the word vale, meaning "wave."
Hein - Pet form of Dutch Hendrik, meaning "home-ruler."
Kailash - Hindi unisex name derived from the name of a sacred mountain in the Himalayas, from the word kailasa, meaning "crystal." The Tibetan name for the mountain is Gang Rinpoche, meaning "precious jewel of snows."
Diodorus - Latin form of Greek Diodoros, meaning "gift of Zeus." 
Marly - Variant spelling of English Marlie, meaning "rebel of Magdala." 
Serena - Latin name derived from the word serenus, meaning "serene, tranquil."
Fadila - Feminine form of Arabic Fadil, meaning "generous, virtuous."
Craig - Scottish surname transferred to forename use, from the name of various places named from Gaelic creag, meaning "rock."
Fion - Variant spelling of Gaelic Fionn, meaning "fair, white."
Singh - Hindi name meaning "lion."
Tegan - Celtic name meaning "doe."
Joses - Anglicized form of Greek Ioses, meaning "exalted." In the bible, this is the name of a brother of Jesus.
Obed-edom - Anglicized form of Hebrew Obed Edown, meaning "servant of Edom" or "he who serves the Edomites." In the bible, this is the name of a Levite and a Gittite.
Artzai - Basque name meaning "shepherd."
Herensuge - Basque legend name of a dragon, meaning "dragon."
Nakhti - User submitted name meaning "powerful."
Astarot - In demonology, this is the name of a Prince of Hell, meaning "leading one" or "the chief." He is depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings, and a crown. He is holding a serpent in one hand while riding a wolf-like beast. Compare with feminine Astaroth.
Corazón - From the Spanish name of a dormant volcano in Ecuador, meaning "heart."
Awuor - African Luo name meaning "the greedy one."
Abishalom - Anglicized form of Hebrew Abiyshalowm, meaning "father of peace." In the bible, this is the name of the father-in-law of Rehoboam.