WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Hersilia - Latin name meaning "delicate, tender." In Roman mythology, this is the name of the wife of Romulus.
Hallvardr - Variant spelling of Old Norse Hallvarðr, meaning "rock defender."
Heimerich - Variant spelling of Old Middle High German Haimirich, meaning "home-ruler." 
Hróaldr - Old Norse name composed of the elements hróðr "fame" and valdr "power, rule," hence "famous ruler."
Hosea - Anglicized form of Hebrew Howshea, meaning "salvation." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including the author of the Book of Hosea.
Hanzi -  Probably a Romani form of Czech Honza, meaning "God is gracious."
Hosni - Arabic name meaning "excellence." 
Headley - Variant spelling of English Hedley, meaning "heather field."
Heliodorus - Latin form of Greek Heliodoros, meaning "gift of the sun."
Howard - English surname transferred to forename use, from Haward, an Anglicized form of Danish/Norwegian Håvard, meaning "high guard."
Hoyt - English byname for a tall, skinny person, turned surname turned forename, from Middle English hoit, meaning "long stick."
Hilarion - Greek name derived from the word hilaros, meaning "joyful; happy."
Danica - Slavic name name meaning "morning star."
Hina - Variant spelling of Aramaic China, meaning "grace."
Hum - Short form of English Humbert, possibly meaning "bright support." 
Hajar -  Arabic name meaning "stone."
Haides - Greek name derived from the word aides, meaning "unseen." In mythology, this is the name of the god of the underworld, brother of Zeus and husband of Persephone. In the Greek bible, Haides is associated with Orcus, the realm of the dead, the infernal regions where disembodied spirits live, a dark and dismal place in the depths of the earth. Only later was Haides described as the grave, death, and hell. Also spelled Hadēs. 
Helushka - Native American Winnebago name meaning "fighter."
Halfdanr - Old Norse name composed of the elements halfr "half" and Danr "Dane," hence "half Dane."
Hastiin - Native American Navajo name meaning "man."
Hermingild - Variant spelling of Teutonic Ermingild, meaning "all-giving."
Irmuska - Hungarian pet form of German Irma, meaning "entire, whole."
Sadwrn - Welsh form of Roman Saturn, possibly meaning "to sow." 
Bethzatha - Greek name of uncertain origin. It may be from the Aramaic, meaning "house of olives." Or it may be an altered form of Greek Bethesda, meaning "flowing water" or "house of mercy."
Menucha - Hebrew name meaning "tranquility."
Miruna - Romanian name, derived from the Slavic element mir, meaning "peace."
Atir - Hebrew name meaning "crown, wreath."
Afonika - Pet form of Russian Afon, meaning "immortal."
Matt - Short form of English Matthew, meaning "gift of God."
Arkady - Variant spelling of Russian Arkadiy, meaning "of Arcadia."
Ria -   English short form of Latin Maria "obstinate, rebellious" and Victoria "conqueror."
Bamber - German byname meaning "short and fat." 
Kamiko - Japanese name meaning "superior child."
Kreon - Greek name meaning "ruler." In mythology, this is the name of a king of Thebes, husband of Eurydice and father of Haemon.
Koli - Old Norse byname for a dark-complexioned person, derived from the element kol, meaning "black, coal."
Anna -  Latin form of Greek Hanna, meaning "favor; grace." In the New Testament bible, this is the name of a prophetess in Jerusalem.
Prakash - Hindi name meaning "light."
Ted - Pet form of English Edward "guardian of prosperity" and Theodore "gift ofGod." 
Impi - Finnish name meaning "virgin."
Asdghig - Armenian name meaning "little star."
Ty - Short form of English names beginning with Ty-.
Prem - Hindi name meaning "love."
Avak - Armenian name meaning "great."
Hevovitastamiutsto - Native American Cheyenne name meaning "whirlwind."
Heva - Latin form of Greek Eva (Hebrew Chavvah), meaning "life." In the bible, this is the name of the first woman, wife of Adam, the mother of the entire human family.
Agon - Albanian name meaning "dawn."
Alyd - Contracted form of Dutch Adelheyd, meaning "noble sort."
Arcadius - Latin form of Greek Arkadios, meaning "of Arcadia." The place name Arcadia was derived from the word arktos, meaning "bear."
Breanne - Feminine form of Irish Brian, meaning "high hill."
Deniz - Turkish unisex name meaning "sea."