WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Andere - Feminine form of Basque Ander, meaning "man; warrior."
Zosimos - Greek name derived from the word zosimos, meaning "likely to survive; survivor."
Akemi - Japanese name meaning "bright beauty."
Winfried - German equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Winfrið, meaning "friend of peace."
Weston - English habitational surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements west "west" and tun "enclosure, settlement," hence "western settlement."
Thelma - English name derived from the Greek word thelema, meaning "will." In use by the English.
Aldin - Variant spelling of Middle English Aldine, meaning "old friend."
Marcellette - Pet form of French Marcelle, meaning "defense" or "of the sea."
Maka - Native American Sioux name meaning "earth."
Masato - Japanese name meaning "correct man."
Gina -  Hebrew unisex name meaning "garden." Compare with strictly feminine forms of Gina.
Imogen - From a misspelling of the English Shakespearean name Innogen, meaning "girl, maiden." 
Xzavier - English form of Basque Xavier, meaning "a new house."
Zainab - Variant spelling of Arabic Zaynab, derived from the name of a "flowering plant."
Andréa - Portuguese feminine form of Portuguese/Spanish Andrés, meaning "man; warrior."
Abelle - French form of Spanish Abella, possibly meaning "bee."
Busiris - Egyptian name of a king who killed visitors to his city, meaning "temple of Osiris."
Chiron - Latin form of Greek Kheiron, meaning "surgeon." In mythology, this is the name of a wise centaur, the son of Cronus and the nymph Philyra. He fathered Ocyrhoe with the nymph Chariclo. He was said to bea great healer, oracle and astrologer.
Tafari - African Ethiopian name, possibly meaning "awe-inspiring."
Saray - Hebrew name meaning "my princes?" or "nobility." In the bible, this is the name of the wife of Abraham before God changed her name to Sarah.
Settimio - Italian form of Roman Latin Septimus, meaning "seventh."
Asha - Hindi name meaning "hope."
Zaina - Feminine form of Arabic Zain, meaning "grace; beauty."
Desiderius - Latin name derived from the word desiderium, meaning "longing."
Apolinary - Polish form of Roman Latin Apollinaris, meaning "of Apollo." 
Harish - Hindi name composed of the elements hari "monkey" and isa "lord," hence "monkey lord." In mythology, this is a name borne by Vishnu.
Kobus - Dutch short form of Latin Jacobus, meaning "supplanter."
Apollinaire - French form of Roman Latin Apollinaris, meaning "of Apollo." 
Setsuko - Japanese name meaning "temperate child."
Abisha - Perhaps a short form of English Abishalom, meaning "father of peace." 
Farida - Feminine form of Arabic Farid, meaning "unique."
Andjela - Serbian form of Latin Angela, meaning "angel, messenger."
Marine - Feminine form of French Marin, meaning "of the sea."
Pharaoh - Anglicized form of Greek Pharao ("his nakedness") and Hebrew Paroh ("great house"). In the bible, this is a title for the king of Egypt.
Abhilasha - Hindi name meaning "desire."
Allen - English variant spelling of Celtic Alan, possibly meaning "little rock." 
Vasant - Hindi myth name of a god of spring, meaning "spring."
Sethunya - African Tswana name meaning "bloom, flower."
Apolline - French form of Latin Apollonia, meaning "of Apollo."
Andi - Pet form of English Andrea, meaning "man; warrior."
Joannes - Late Latin form of Greek Ioannes, meaning "God is gracious."
Sasha - Unisex pet form of Russian Aleksandr and Aleksandra, both meaning "defender of mankind."
Marcela - Feminine form of Spanish Marcelo, meaning "defense" or "of the sea."
Abha - Hindi name meaning "light, shining."
Marcelina -   Feminine form of Polish Marceli, meaning "defense" or "of the sea."
Abhay - Hindi name meaning "brave; fearless."
Mara - Hebrew name meaning "bitter." In the bible, this is the name that Naomi gave herself after the death of her husband and sons.
Ramah -  Hebrew name meaning "a lofty place." In the bible, this is the name of many places, including a place of battle between Israel and Syria. 
Marcella -   Feminine form of Italian Marcello, meaning "defense" or "of the sea."
Apollonius - Latin form of Greek Apollonios, meaning "of Apollo."