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Beula - Variant spelling of Hebrew Beulah, meaning "she who is married."
Brökk - Old Norse myth name of a dwarf who, along with his brother Eitri, made magical objects for the gods, including the hammer of Thor, probably derived from the Nordic element bróka, meaning "breeches."
Breana - Feminine form of Irish Brian, meaning "high hill."
Berit - Variant form of Norwegian Bergit, meaning "exalted one." 
Béla - Hungarian name meaning "white." 
Ben-owniy - Hebrew name meaning "son of my sorrow." In the bible, this is the name given to Benjamin by his mother Rachel as she died giving birth to him.
Bittor - Basque form of Latin Victor, meaning "conqueror."
Barsegh - Armenian form of Roman Latin Blasius, meaning "talks with a lisp."
Ehud -  Anglicized form of Hebrew Ehuwd and Echuwd, meaning "joining together, united." In the bible, this is the name of a son of Bilhan and a judge of Israel.
István - Hungarian form of Greek Stephanos, meaning "crown."
Brogan - Irish surname transferred to unisex forename use, from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Brógáin, meaning "descendant of Brógán," hence "little shoe."
Bethzatha - Greek name of uncertain origin. It may be from the Aramaic, meaning "house of olives." Or it may be an altered form of Greek Bethesda, meaning "flowing water" or "house of mercy."
Bruatar - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Bruadar, meaning "dream."
Brandi - Variant spelling of English Brandy, meaning simply "brandy."
Eli -   Anglicized form of Hebrew Eliy, meaning "ascending." In the bible, this is the name of a high priest and last of the Judges in the days of Samuel.
Ikavod - Variant spelling of Hebrew Iy-kabowd, meaning "inglorious; without glory." 
Raziya - Egyptian name meaning "agreeable."
Alrick - Variant spelling of Swedish Alrik, meaning "all-powerful; ruler of all."
Vilho - Pet form of Finnish Vilhelmi, meaning "will-helmet."
Agapius - Latin form of Greek Agapios, meaning "divine love."
Esmerelda - Variant spelling of Spanish Esmeralda, meaning "emerald."
Kerenhappuch - Variant spelling of English Keren-happuch, meaning "horn of antimony," a black paint used for eye-shadow.
Sabrina - Latin form of Severn, the name of a river in England where a Celtic goddess dwelt. The Old Welsh form of Severn is Habren. The name is of uncertain origin, possibly from Hebrew Sabra, the name for a native-born Israeli, meaning "thorny cactus." 
Stian - Modern Norwegian form of Old Norse Stígandr, meaning "wanderer."
Korah - Anglicized form of Hebrew Qorach, meaning "bald" or "ice." In the bible, this is the name of a Levite who led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron. 
Kiyomi - Japanese name meaning "pure beauty."
Ofydd - Welsh form of Roman Latin Ovid, meaning "sheep herder."
Preben - Contracted form of Danish Predbjørn, meaning "magnificent bear."
Cheftzibah - Variant form of Hebrew Cheftzi-Ba, meaning "she is my desire."
Tsibya - Hebrew name meaning "a female gazelle." In the bible, this is the name of a Benjamite.
Fenuku - Egyptian name meaning "born late."
Suresh - Hindi name composed of the Sanskrit elements sura "god" and isa "ruler," hence "god-ruler."
Leone - English variant spelling of Latin Leona, meaning "lion." Compare with masculine Leone.
Prabhu - Hindi name meaning "creator; powerful."
Annemae - English compound name composed of French Anne, "favor; grace" and Mae, meaning "pearl," "obstinate, rebellious," or the month of "May."
Isra - Arabic name derived from the word sara, meaning "travel at night."
Avagail - Variant spelling of Hebrew Avigayil, meaning "father rejoices."
Gitele - Variant spelling of Yiddish Gitel, meaning "good."
Haggi - Anglicized form of Hebrew Chaggiy, meaning "festive." In the bible, this is the name of a son of Gad. 
Adhara - Arabic name of a star in the constellation Canis Major, meaning "maidens, virgins."
Vincent - English name derived from Latin Vincentius, meaning "conquering."
Nosh - Native American Algonquin name meaning "father."
Rosaleen - Variant spelling of English Rosalyn, meaning "weak horse."
Wilma -   Contracted form of German Wilhelmina, meaning "will-helmet."
Aali - Arabic namemeaning "the high, exalted one."
Theoris - Egyptian name meaning "great."
Gay - English name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "happy." Compare with masculine Gay.
Devin - Irish surname transferred to forename use, derived from the surname Devine, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Daimhín, "descendant of Daimhín," hence "little fawn."
Ty - Short form of English names beginning with Ty-.
Odin - Scandinavian form of Old Norse Óðinn, meaning "poetry, song" and "eager, frenzied, raging." In mythology, this is the name of the chief god of the Aesir. Equated with Anglo-Saxon Woden.