WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Oona - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Úna, possibly meaning "famine, hunger."
Olukayode - African Yoruba name meaning "God brings happiness."
Liane - Short form of French Éliane, meaning "sun." 
Olwyn - Variant spelling of Welsh Olwen, meaning "footprint/track of the holy one."
Jerry - Feminine variant spelling of English unisex Gerry, meaning "spear ruler." Compare with masculine Jerry.
Aino - Finnish myth name from the epic poem Kalevala, meaning "the only one."
Charlotte - Feminine form of French Charlot, meaning "man."
Mattia - Italian form of Hebrew Mattithyah, meaning "gift of God."
Gregorio - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Gregorius, meaning "watchful; vigilant."
Aleida - Contracted form of Dutch Adelheyd, meaning "noble sort."
Naile - Chamoru name meaning "tall and slender."
Aubert - French form of Old High German Adalbert, meaning "bright nobility."
Darrin - Variant spelling of English Daren, meaning "from Araines."
Sebestyjan - Polish form of Greek Sebastianos, meaning "from Sebaste."
Ooljee - Native American Navajo name meaning "moon."
Orabela - Esperanto form of Italian Orabella, meaning "golden beautiful."
Ourbanos - Greek name meaning "of the city." In the New Testament bible, this is the name of a certain Christian.
Sophronia - Feminine form of Greek Sophronios, meaning "self-controlled."
Osahar - Egyptian name meaning "God hears me."
Laxman - Variant spelling of Hindi Lakshman, meaning "having lucky marks."
Ioses - Greek name meaning "exalted." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including a brother of Jesus.
Irmgard - German name composed of the elements irmen "entire, whole" and gard "enclosure," hence "entirely protected."
Satan - Greek form of Hebrew satan, meaning "adversary." In the bible, this is the name of the inveterate enemy of God. In the New Testament, Hebrew satan is translated once into Greek Diabolos, and once using the word epiboulos, meaning "plotter." This is also the Late Latin and Old English form of Hebrew satan.
Abele - Italian form of Hebrew Hebel, meaning "breath, breathing."
Mirabelle - French form of Latin Mirabella, meaning "wonderful."
Aristoteles - Greek name composed of the elements aristos "best, excellent" and telos "purpose," hence "best purpose." 
Isolde - English form of French Iseult, derived from Germanic Ishild, meaning "ice battle." In Arthurian legend, this is the name of the tragic princess who was the mistress of Tristram.
Noshi - Variant of Algonquin Nosh, meaning "father."
Nosizwe - African Xhosa name meaning "mother of the nation."
Nosh - Native American Algonquin name meaning "father."
Gulltopp - Norwegian form of Old Norse Gulltoppr, meaning "golden mane." In mythology, this is the name of the horse of Heimdall.
Ewan - Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic Eòghan, meaning "born of yew."
Patrizia - Feminine form of Italian Patrizio, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Shalom - Hebrew name derived from the word shalowm, meaning "peace," or perhaps more correctly, of body, "healthy and sound."
Abagael - Variant spelling of English Abigail, meaning "father rejoices."
Coretta - Pet form of Latin Cora, meaning "maiden."
Euandros - Greek name composed of the elements eu "good, well" and aner "man," hence "good man."
Lewis - English form of French Louis, meaning"famous warrior." 
Fern - English name derived from the vocabulary word fern, from Old English fearn, meaning "fern," a type of leafy plant. The name was first used in the 19th century when flower, plant or other "dainty" names were popular.
Bergljót - Old Norse name composed of the elements bjarga "to rescue" and ljótr "bright, light," hence "rescue light." 
Viva - Norwegian and Swedish short form of Scandinavian Vivianne, meaning"alive; animated; lively."
Halwyn - Variant spelling of Welsh Halwn, meaning "salt."
Emmet - Diminutive form of Norman French Emma, meaning "entire, whole." Compare with masculine Emmet.
Sybella - English form of Greek Sibylla, meaning "prophetess."
Ashlee - Feminine variant spelling of English unisex Ashley, meaning "ash-tree grove."
Panya - Egyptian name meaning "mouse."
Anesa - Danish form of Greek Hagne, meaning "chaste; holy."
Makena - African Kikuyu name meaning "happy one."
Procris - Latin form of Greek Prokris, possibly meaning either "dew" or "to condemn." In mythology, this is the name of the wife of Cephalus.
Fengge - Chinese name meaning "phoenix pavilion."