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Huo - Chinese unisex name meaning "fire."
Jason - Latin form of Greek Iason, meaning "to heal." In mythology, this is the name of a son of Æson and leader of the Argonauts.
Kader - Variant form of Arabic Qadir, meaning "capable, powerful."
Kambuzia - Assyrian form of Persian Kambujiya, probably meaning "handsome king."
Rubina - Elaborated form of English Ruby, meaning "ruby."
Landon - English surname transferred to forename use, from a contracted form of the surname Langdon, composed of the Old English elements lang "long" and dun "hill," hence "long hill."
Kalanit -  Hebrew name for the Anemone coronaria native to the Mediterranean region, derived from the word kalanit, meaning "poppy anemone."
Kusti - Pet form of Finnish Kustaa "meditation staff" and Aukusti "venerable."
Kanoa - Hawaiian name meaning "the free one."
Alaina - Feminine form of French Alain, possibly meaning "little rock." 
Kitti -   Pet form of Hungarian Katalin, meaning "pure."
Viktoria - German and Scandinavian form of Roman Latin Victoria, meaning "conqueror" or "victory."
Kambujiya - This is a Persian royal name that was borne by numerous ancient Iranians. Scholars have accepted that it is a form of Sanskrit Kamboja and believe it probable that the legendary Kamboja of the Mahabharata who won the Divine Sword from king Kuvalashava of Kosala, was an earlier Kambujiya from the royal line of Persian Achaemenids who gave his name to the clan and the country Cambodia. According to the scholar Dr. Moti Chandra, the name means "handsome king." His view is reinforced by Valmiki Ramayana, as well as by several verses of the Mahabharata which strongly testify that the ancient Kambojas and their princes were extremely handsome.
Hondo - Egyptian name meaning "war."
Katri - Pet form of Finnish Katariina, meaning "pure."
Kalyn - Variant spelling of English Kaylyn, meaning "girl."
Ásbjorn - Old Norse name composed of the elements �ss "god, divinity" and bjorn "bear," hence "divine-bear."
Serenity - English name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "serenity."
Ulfric - Norman Germanic equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Wulfric, meaning "wolf power."
Chaniya - Hebrew name meaning "encampment, resting place."
Dewayne - Elaborated form of English Dwayne, meaning "little black one."
Alexia - Feminine form of Latin Alexius, meaning "defender."
Lot - Greek form of Hebrew Lowt, meaning "covering, veil." In the bible, this is the name of a nephew of Abraham and father of Moab.
Zainab - Variant spelling of Arabic Zaynab, derived from the name of a "flowering plant."
Isadora - Variant spelling of Latin Isidora, meaning "gift of Isis." 
Alaunus - Celtic myth name of a god of the sun, healing and prophecy, meaning "shining one." 
Samantha - American name of uncertain origin, probably intended to be a feminine form of English Samuel, meaning "heard of God," "his name is El," or "name of God."
Deven - Variant spelling of English unisex Devon, meaning "worshiper of the god Dumnonos." 
Tony - English unisex pet form of Anthony and Antonia, both possibly meaning "invaluable."
Kájín - Pet form of Czech Karel, meaning "man."
Keilani - Hawaiian name meaning "glorious chief."
Kennedy - Irish surname transferred to unisex forename use in honor of the assassinated American president John F. Kennedy, derived from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Cinnéidigh, meaning "ugly head."
Vilhjálmur - Icelandic form of Old Norse Vilhjalmr, meaning "will-helmet."
Khaldun - Egyptian name meaning "immortal."
Keallach - Irish name meaning "battle."
Kathel - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Cathal, meaning "battle ruler."
Kushtrim - Albanian name meaning "battle cry; slogan."
Karitate - Basque name meaning "charity."
Kelpy - Variant spelling of Celtic Kelpie, meaning "of the color of kelp (sea-weed)."
Kosmas - Variant spelling of Greek Kosmos, meaning "beauty, order."
Kielo - Finnish name meaning "lily of the valley."
Kekona - Hawaiian name meaning "second-born."
Kees - Dutch pet form of Roman Latin Cornelius, meaning "of a horn."
Kishen - Variant spelling of Hindi Kishan, meaning "the black" and "the blue."
Kaya - Native American Hopi name meaning "elder sister."
Kenina - Feminine form of English Kenneth, meaning both "comely; finely made" and "born of fire." 
Khepri - Egyptian name meaning "morning sun."
Baruška - Pet form of Czech Barbora, meaning"foreign; strange."
Kean - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Cian, meaning "ancient, distant."
Kapaneus - Greek name meaning "arrogant." In mythology, this is the name of one of the Seven Against Thebes. He is said to have had a body of immense size and strength, but he was notoriously arrogant and was eventually struck and killed by a thunderbolt sent by Zeus. His wife Evadne committed suicide by throwing herself on his funeral pyre.