WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Varda - Hebrew name meaning "rose."
Mirza - Persian name meaning "prince."
Landon - English surname transferred to forename use, from a contracted form of the surname Langdon, composed of the Old English elements lang "long" and dun "hill," hence "long hill."
Tucker - English occupational surname transferred to forename use, meaning "cloth fuller."
Lally - Variant spelling of English Lallie, meaning "to babble."
Shimi - Anglicized form of Hebrew Shimiy, meaning "famous, renowned." In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including a Reubenite, son of Gog and father of Micah.
Frieda - Pet form of German Friederike, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Zulekha - Variant form of Persian Zulaikha, meaning "brilliant beauty." 
Kia - Pet form of Swedish Kerstin, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
Izabella - Hungarian and Polish form of Latin Isabella, meaning "God is my oath." 
Adelina -   Italian and Spanish diminutive form of Latin Adela, meaning "little noble."
Charisma - English name derived from the vocabulary word charisma, from Greek charis, meaning "charm, grace, kindness." 
Vikram - Hindi name meaning "pace, stride."
Doreen -   Anglicized form of Gaelic Doireann, meaning "sullen." 
Janice - Elaborated form of English Jane, meaning "God is gracious."
Kezia - Anglicized form of Hebrew Qetsiyah, meaning "cassia," a bark similar to cinnamon. In the bible, this is the name of the second daughter of Job, born after his trial. 
Besiana - Variant spelling of Albanian Besijana, meaning "oath."
George - English form of French Georges, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Rabiah - Egyptian name meaning "born during the spring."
Destinee - Variant spelling of English Destiny, meaning "fate, fortune."
Hans - German short form of Latin Johannes, meaning "God is gracious."
Isra - Arabic name derived from the word sara, meaning "travel at night."
Tiziana - Feminine form of Italian Tiziano, meaning "of the Titans."
Yasamin - Persian form of Arabic Yasmin, meaning "jasmine flower," a plant in the olive family.
Boyka - Бойка): Feminine form of Bulgarian Boyko, meaning "inhabitant of western Ukraine." 
Mignon - English name derived from the French word mignon, meaning "charming, delicate, pretty." 
Mukta - Hindi name meaning "liberated."
Othniel - Anglicized form of Hebrew Othniyel, meaning "lion of God." In the bible, this is the name of the son of Kenaz.
Sarai - Anglicized form of Hebrew Saray, meaning "my princess?" or "nobility." In the bible, this is the name of the wife of Abraham before God changed her name to Sarah.
Gerardo - Italian and Spanish form of Old High German Gerhard, meaning "spear strong."
Zion - Anglicized form of Hebrew Tsiyown, meaning "sunny or parched place." In the bible, this is another name for Jerusalem, the city of David, and its inhabitants who are also called the daughter of Tsiyown/Zion.
Rusty - Byname for someone with "rust-colored hair," derived from the English vocabulary word rust. 
Alanna - Variant spelling of English Alana, possibly meaning "little rock." 
Larissa - Russian form of Greek Lárisa, probably meaning "fortified town."
Fariha - Arabic name meaning "happy."
Darius - Latin form of Greek Dareios, meaning "possesses a lot, wealthy." In the bible, this is the name of several characters including Darius the Mede, son of Ahasuerus, king of the Chaldeans.
Ravi - Hindi myth name of a sun god, meaning "sun."
Caitlyn - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Caitlín, meaning "pure."
Isaiah - Anglicized form of Latin Isaias (Hebrew Yeshayah), meaning "God is salvation." In the bible, this is the name of one of the most famous prophets. Also spelled Jesaiah and Jeshaiah.
Sachin - Hindi myth name borne by Indra, meaning "pure."
Ganesh - Variant spelling of Hindi Ganesha, meaning "lord of the horde."
Richard - English form of Norman French Richaud, meaning "powerful ruler."
Heylel - Hebrew name meaning "light-bringer." In the bible, this is a name for the morning star (Lucifer) and the honorific title of a Babylonian king. Lucifer is the Latin translation of this name.
Brenda -  Old Irish and Scottish name believed to be of Scandinavian origin, from Old Norse brandr, meaning"sword." 
Fuji - Japanese name possibly meaning "wisteria." 
Gracie - Pet form of English Grace, meaning "pleasing, agreeable."
Jorge - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Georgius, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Carol - English form of French Carole, meaning "man." Compare with masculine Carol.
Devi - Hindi name derived from Sanskrit devi meaning "goddess."
Anselm - German name composed of the elements ans "god, divinity" and helm "helmet; protection," hence "divine helmet."