WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Leigh - Variant spelling of English unisex Lee, meaning "meadow." 
Fionnagán - Double diminutive of Gaelic Fionn, meaning "tiny little white one."
Anika - Variant spelling of Swedish Annika, meaning "favor; grace."
Neasa - Variant spelling of Irish Neassa, possibly meaning "excellent valor."
Noha -  Arabic name meaning "wisdom."
Nazariy - Russian form of Greek Nazoraios, meaning "of Nazareth."
Taigi - Native American Omaha name meaning "returning moon."
Nicholaa - Feminine form of Latin Nicolaus, meaning "victor of the people."
Nikolaus -   German form of Latin Nicolaus, meaning "victor of the people." 
Nemo - Latin name derived from the word nemo, meaning "nobody" or "no one." This name was used by Jules Verne for the captain of the Nautilus in his novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Naamah - Hebrew name meaning "beautiful, pleasant." In the bible, this is the name of the Ammonite wife of Solomon.
Josebe - Feminine form of Basque Joseba, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
Owphiyr - Hebrew name meaning "gold" or "reducing to ashes." In the bible, this is the name for gold and its characteristics, the name of a land or city, and the name of the eleventh son of Joktan.
Gerdi - Danish and Swedish form of Old Norse Gerðr, meaning "enclosure, stronghold."
Noel - English form of French Noël, meaning "day of birth."
Blandina - Chamoru name meaning"blond." 
Boris - Russian name said to originally derive from Tatar Bogoris, meaning "small." Later, however, it was taken to be a short form of Borislav, the first element coming from the root bor- ("battle"), hence "fighter, warrior." 
Nakato - African Luganda name meaning "second born of twins."
Yongrui - Chinese name meaning "forever good omen."
Sachin - Hindi myth name borne by Indra, meaning "pure."
Natalya - Russian form of Latin Natalia, meaning "birthday," or in Church Latin "Christmas day." 
Nemanja - Serbian name meaning "having no possessions; poor."
Nikolai - Russian form of Greek Nikolaos, meaning "victor of the people." 
Gerde - German form of Old Norse Gerðr, meaning "enclosure, stronghold."
Nacho - Pet form of Spanish Ignacio, possibly meaning "unknowing."
Ángela - Spanish feminine form of Latin Angelus, meaning "angel, messenger."
Finn -   Old Irish form of modern Gaelic Fionn, meaning "fair, white." In Irish legend, this is the name of a hero, Finn MacCool, who became all-knowing after eating a magic salmon.
Jeriah - Anglicized form of Hebrew Yeriyah, meaning "people of Jehovah" or "taught by Jehovah." In the bible, this is the name of the chief of the house of Hebron. Also spelled Jerijah.
Clarissa - Diminutive form of Latin Clara, meaning "fame." 
Chiasa - Japanese name meaning "one thousand mornings."
Nastasia - Short form of Russian Anastasiya, meaning "resurrection."
Nethanel - Hebrew name meaning "given of God" or "whom God gave." In the Old Testament bible, this is the name of many characters, including the fourth son of Jesse.
Nizam - Egyptian name meaning "disciplined."
Narciso - Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Narcissus, possibly meaning "numbness; sleep."
Leith - Scottish surname transferred to forename use, derived from the name of a river of Celtic origin, meaning "flowing water."
Nahiossi - Native American Cheyenne name meaning "has three fingers."
Tangakwunu - Native American Hopi name meaning "rainbow."
Janan - Arabic name meaning "heart, soul."
Nia - African Swahili name meaning "purpose."
Nderim - Albanian name meaning "honor; respect."
Alexandrina - Elaborated form of Latin Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
Menashe - Variant spelling of Hebrew Menashsheh, meaning "causing to forget" or "one who forgets." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including the eldest son of Joseph.
Daciana - Romanian name derived from Roman Dacia, the name for the region that is today Moldova and Romania. According to Strabo, the Dacians were originally known as the daoi, from Phrygian daos, meaning "wolf." It is interesting to note, too, that daoi is the Gaelic word for a "wicked man."
Blažej - Czech form of Latin Blasius, meaning "talks with a lisp."
Hilarius - Latin form of Greek Hilarion, meaning "joyful; happy."
Simonides - Greek name composed of the elements simós "flat- or snub-nosed" and eidos "kind, type, hence "snub-nosed type."
Nobuo - Japanese name meaning "faithful man."
Nerine - Feminine form of Greek Nereus, meaning "daughter of Nereus" or "sea sprite" or "wet one." It is also the name of a genus of plants native to South Africa but now spread worldwide. It is a bulb plant that produces beautiful pink funnel-shaped flowers in the fall, similar to the Belladonna Lily, though smaller. In use by the English.
Vlad - Russian short form of Slavic names containing the element volod, meaning "ruler."
Neve - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Niamh,  meaning "beauty, brightness."