WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


George - English form of French Georges, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
Orabelle - French form of Italian Orabella, meaning "golden beautiful."
Ormarr - Old Norse name composed of the elements orm "serpent" and herr "army," hence "serpent army."
Izzie - Variant spelling of English Izzy, meaning "God is my oath."
Saara - Finnish form of Hebrew Sarah, meaning"noble lady, princess." 
Márta - Hungarian form of Greek Martha, meaning "lady, mistress." 
Nika -   Feminine form of Russian Nikolai, meaning "victor of the people."
Ethel - Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon Æthel, a short form of longer names containing the element æðel, meaning "noble."
Victoria -  Latin name of uncertain derivation; it is either a feminine form of Victorius "conqueror," or from the vocabulary word victoria, "victory." In Roman mythology, this is the name of a goddess of victory. 
Allah - Arabic name meaning"the deity." It is the Muslim word for God.
Makari - Variant spelling of Russian Makariy, meaning "blessed."
Marielle - Pet form of French Marie, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion."
Meirion - Welsh form of Roman Latin Marianus, meaning "like Marius."
Michiel - Dutch form of Greek Michaēl, meaning "who is like God?"
Mavreena - Variant spelling of English Maureen, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion."
Silvio - Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Latin Silvius, meaning "from the forest." 
Chloé - French form of Latin Chloe, meaning "green shoot."
Melbourne - English surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements mylla "mill" and burne "stream," hence "mill stream."
Sadaf - Arabic name meaning "seashell."
Mahomet - Variant spelling of Arabic Muhammad, meaning "praiseworthy."
Yemima - Variant spelling of Hebrew Yemiymah, meaning "dove." 
Abisai - Variant spelling of English Abishai, meaning "my father is Jesse" or "my father is a gift." 
Indrajit - Hindi unisex name composed of the name of the king of gods, Indra, and the word jit "conqueror," hence "conqueror of Indra." In mythology, this is the name of the son of Ravana, a demon king of Ceylon.
Matheus - Brazilian form of Hebrew Mattithyah, meaning "gift of God."
Malcolm - Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic Mael Coluim, meaning "devotee ofSt. Columb."  
Tomáš - Czech form of Greek Thōmas, meaning "twin."
Kristie - Variant spelling of English Kristy, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
Matthias - Anglicized form of Greek Maththias, meaning "gift of God." In the bible, this is the name of the apostle who took the place of Judas Iscariot.
Machk - Native American Algonquin name meaning "bear."
Runi - Danish form of Old Norse Rúni, meaning "secret lore."
Mimmi - Pet form of Finnish Vilhelmiina, meaning "will-helmet."
Portia - English Shakespeare character name derived from Roman Latin Porcius, meaning "pig." A moon of Uranus was given this name.
Tobar -  Romani form of Hungarian Tibor, meaning "of the Tiber (river)."
Alban - English name derived from Latin Albanus, meaning "like Albus," i.e. "white."
Manoel - Portuguese form of Latin Emmanuel, meaning "God is with us."
Maksymilian - Polish form of Latin Maximilian, meaning "the greatest rival."
Qiuyue - Chinese name meaning "autumn moon."
Zion - Anglicized form of Hebrew Tsiyown, meaning "sunny or parched place." In the bible, this is another name for Jerusalem, the city of David, and its inhabitants who are also called the daughter of Tsiyown/Zion.
Tinashe - African Shona unisex name meaning "God is with us." 
Dina -   Short form of Scottish Murdina, meaning "sea warrior."
Minoru - Japanese name meaning "truth."
Elianus - Variant spelling of the Roman Latin Ælianus, meaning "sun."
Neil - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Niall, arrived at this form via Norman French Nel, meaning "champion." 
Safi - Arabic name meaning "pure."
Jared - Anglicized form of Greek Iaret (Hebrew Yered), meaning "descent." In the bible, this is the name of the father of Enoch and a descendant of Judah. Also spelled Jered.
Edzard - Frisian form of German Eckhard, meaning "strong edge."
Methodius - Latin form of Greek Methodios, meaning "method."
Mordche - Yiddish form of Hebrew Mordekay, meaning "devotee of Marduk (Mars)" or "little man."
Medousa - Greek name meaning "guardian." In mythology, this is the name of one of the three Gorgons who had snakes for hair, and whose glance turned anyone who looked at them to stone. She was the only Gorgon who was mortal.
Misaki - Japanese name meaning "beauty bloom."