WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Lupus - Latin name derived from the word lupus, meaning "wolf."
Salim - Arabic name meaning "safe."
Olwin - Variant spelling of Welsh Olwen, meaning "footprint/track of the holy one."
Elin - Scandinavian form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
Allan - English variant spelling of Celtic Alan, possibly meaning "little rock." 
Phillip - Variant spelling of English Philip, meaning "lover of horses."
Udane - Basque name meaning "summer."
Oz - Hebrew name meaning "might, strength." Compare with masculine forms of Oz.
Own - Hebrew name meaning "vigor" or "wealth." In the bible, this is the name of a leader of the Korah group.
Ashton - English unisex name derived from a place name, meaning "ash tree settlement."
Oliana - Hawaiian name meaning "oleander."
Bast - Egyptian name meaning "female of the ointment jar." In mythology, this is the name of a cat-headed goddess. Originally, she was a sun goddess depicted as a lion who defended the pharaoh and, consequently, the chief god, earning her the titles "Lady of flame" and "Eye of Ra." Later, the Greeks changed her to a moon goddess. Because of the meaning of her name, she also became known as a goddess of perfumes.
Esmund - Variant spelling of Middle English Esmond, meaning "gracious protector."
Tsangali - Armenian name meaning "desirable."
Ruairidh - Scottish equivalent of Irish Gaelic Ruaidhrí, meaning "red king."
Crocetta - Pet form of Italian Crocifissa, meaning "cross; crucifix" or "way of the cross." 
Fatjona - Albanian name meaning "our destiny; our fortune."
Aryana - Modern variant spelling of English Ariana, meaning "utterly pure."
Adrijana - Feminine form of Serbian/Slovene Adrijan, meaning "from Hadria."
Or-lee - Hebrew name meaning "light is mine."
Orpa - Variant spelling of Hebrew Orpah, meaning "forelock, mane" or "gazelle, hind." 
Orval - Variant spelling of English Orville, probably meaning "golden city."
Olympia - From the Greek place name, a feminine form of Greek Olympos ("home of the gods"), meaning "of Olympus." 
Berach - Variant spelling of Irish Bearach, meaning "sharp."
Uryon - Hebrew name meaning "flame" or "light."
Isi - Native American Choctaw unisex name meaning "deer."
Jeremiah - Anglicized form of Greek Ieremias ("Jehovah casts forth" or "Jehovah hurls") and Hebrew Yirmeyah ("whom God has appointed"). In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including one of the six major prophets.
Olivia - English name created by Shakespeare who may have intended it to be a feminine form of Oliver, probably meaning "elf army."
Hamo - Norman form of German Heimo, meaning "home."
Jaylyn - Variant spelling of English Jalen, meaning "God lodges" or "passing the night; tarrying."
Alestair - Variant spelling of Scottish Gaelic Alastair, meaning "defender of mankind."
Ufara - Hebrew name meaning "leader."
Ukko - Finnish myth name of a sky and thunder god, meaning "old man."
Alvin - Middle English and Norman French name derived from Latin Alvinius, meaning "elf friend."
Alexandrine - French form of Latin Alexandrina, meaning "defender of mankind."
Louis - Middle French form of Old French Loois, meaning"famous warrior." 
Uilleam - Scottish Gaelic form of German Wilhelm, meaning "will-helmet."
Ophrah - Hebrew unisex name meaning "fawn." In the bible, this is the name of two places, and the name of a son of Meonothai. 
Abdel - Variant spelling of Arabic Abdul, meaning "servant of the."
Nuwn - Hebrew name meaning "fish." In the bible, this is the name of the father of Joshua.
Bruadar - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Bruadair, meaning "dream." 
Uolevi - Finnish form of Scandinavian Olaf, meaning "heir of the ancestors."
Abbas - Arabic name meaning "austere." 
Gülbahar - Turkish form of Persian Gulbahar, meaning "spring rose."
Ólafur - Icelandic form of Old Norse Óláfr, meaning "heir of the ancestors."
Ueman - Nahuatl name meaning "venerable time."
Odalis - Spanish unisex form of French Odilon, meaning "wealthy."
Loois - Old French name derived from Middle Latin Ludovicus, meaning "famous warrior."
Sajjad - Arabic name meaning "kneeling in prayer."
Usama - Arabic name meaning "lion."