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"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Menashe - Variant spelling of Hebrew Menashsheh, meaning "causing to forget" or "one who forgets." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including the eldest son of Joseph.
Nnamdi - African Igbo name meaning "my father is alive." This name is usually given to baby boys who resemble their deceased grandfather.
Izzy - Pet form of English Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath." Compare with masculine Izzy. 
Ailie - Pet form English Aileen, meaning "little Eve." 
Firdos - Variant spelling of Arabic Firdaus, meaning "paradise."
Joséphine - French form of Latin Josephina, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
Adler - German name meaning"eagle." 
Deming -   Alternate spelling of the English surname Deeming, meaning "act of judging."
Bianka - Hungarian form of French Blanche, meaning "white."
Gyöngyi - Hungarian name meaning "pearl."
Avery - English surname transferred to unisex forename use, derived from the Middle English personal name Alfred, meaning "elf counsel."
Drew - Feminine adopted use of masculine English Drew, meaning "man; warrior."
Luminitsa -  Romani form of Romanian Luminita, meaning "little light."
Augustinus - From Roman Latin Augustus, meaning "venerable."
Nanook - Inuit (Eskimo) myth name of the master of bears, meaning "polar bear" in Inuktitut. 
Bianca - Italian form of French Blanche, meaning "white." 
Domnall - Irish Gaelic form of Scottish Gaelic Domhnall, meaning "world ruler."
Kerr - Scottish surname transferred to English forename use, meaning "from the marshland."
Treasure - English name derived from the vocabulary word, "treasure."
Acacallis - Latin form of Greek Akakallis, meaning "daffodil." In mythology, this is the name of a nymph who was the mother of Philandros by Apollo.
Sanya - Variant spelling of Arabic Saniyya, meaning "splendid."
Glen - Scottish name derived from the word gleann, meaning "valley."
Stephen - Anglicized form of Greek Stephanos (Latin Stephanus), meaning "crown." In the bible, this is the name of one of the seven deacons of the church at Jerusalem who was stoned to death by the Jews. 
Branwenn - Variant spelling of Welsh Branwen, meaning "fair raven."
Arman -   Kazakh name meaning "dream."
Conlaoch - Irish name, composed of the Gaelic elements con "hound" and laoch "warrior," hence "hound warrior." In Irish legend, this is the name of a son of Cúchulainn. He was accidentally killed by his father.
Anushavan - Variant spelling of Armenian Anoushavan, meaning "sweet ruler?"
Isam - Arabic name meaning "pledge, security."
Faith - English name derived from the vocabulary word "faith." It is one of the Puritan virtue names; some others are Charity, Chastity, Honor, Hope, and Prudence. 
Italia - From the Italian name for Italy, possibly derived from Latin vitulus, meaning "calf." 
Leachlainn - Short form of Irish Gaelic Maeleachlainn, meaning "devotee of Saint Seachnall."
Algar - Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon Ælfgar, meaning "elf spear." 
Andreina - Feminine form of Italian Andrea, meaning "man; warrior."
Batul - Arabic name meaning "virgin."
Nanu - Egyptian name meaning "beautiful."
Irène - French form of Latin Irene, meaning "peace."
Ty - Short form of English names beginning with Ty-.
Gary - English surname transferred to forename use, originally a short form of Germanic names containing the element gar, meaning "spear." 
Bingen - Basque form of Latin Vincentius, meaning "conquering."
Abuto - African Luo name meaning "I have hidden."
Arye - Variant spelling of Hebrew Aryeh, meaning "lion." 
Khalifa - Arabic name meaning "caliph."
Elena - Italian and Spanish form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
Godard - Norman French form of Old High German Godehard, meaning "god-strong."
Moreen -   Anglicized pet form of Irish Gaelic M�r, meaning "great." 
Derick - Variant spelling of English Derek, meaning "first of the people; king of nations."
Aureliano - Spanish form of Roman Latin Aurelianus, meaning "golden."
Gwendoline - Variant spelling of Welsh Gwendolen, meaning "white bow" or "white ring."
Amantius - Roman Latin name meaning "loving." 
Argiñe - Feminine form of Basque Argi, meaning "light."