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Flávia - Portuguese form of Roman Latin Flavia, meaning "yellow hair."
Fidan - Turkish name meaning "sapling."
Amandus - Latin name derived from the word amanda, meaning "lovable."
Fenuku - Egyptian name meaning "born late."
Ilderim - Arabic word for "a model Arabian stallion."
Aletha - Variant spelling of English Alethea, meaning "truth."
Manisha - Hindi name meaning "wisdom." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of the mind.
Fenrir - Usually said to be an Anglicized form of Old Norse Fenrisúlfr, but according to Sophus Bugge, author of The Home of The Eddic Poems, this name, as well as Fenris, probably originated with Norsemen under the influence of Christianity, and was a word for "hell" and only later took on the meaning "swamp."
Colena - Variant spelling of English Colleen, meaning "girl."
Urbgenius - Latin form of Old Welsh Urbgen, meaning "privileged birth."
Franck - French form of Latin Franciscus, meaning "French."
Fadia - Feminine form of Arabic Fadi, meaning "savior."
Fridtjof - Danish and Norwegian form of Old Norse Friðþjófr, meaning "peace-thief."
Kwabena - African Akan name meaning "born on Tuesday."
Féidhlimidh - Irish Gaelic name, possibly derived from the word féile, meaning "hospitable."
Felicitás - Hungarian form of Roman Latin Felicitas, meaning "fortune; good luck."
Kalliope - Greek name composed of the elements kallos "beauty" and ops "voice," hence "beautiful voice." In mythology, this is the the name of the muse of epic poetry.
Dea - From the Latin word for "goddess."
Florin - Romanian form of Roman Latin Florian, meaning "flower."
Aggie - Pet form of English Agnes, "chaste," and Latin Agatha, "good."
Bobby - Pet form of English Robert, meaning "bright fame." 
Franciszek - Polish form of Latin Franciscus, meaning "French."
Freddy - Pet form of English Frederick, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fiammetta - Italian name composed of the word fiamma "fire" and a diminutive suffix, meaning "little fire."
Farran - English surname transferred to forename use, from the French name Ferrand, meaning "ardent for peace." 
Ford - English surname transferred to forename use, from the Old English word ford, meaning "ford, river crossing."
Franciscus - Latin name meaning "French."
Firmino - Italian form of Latin Firminus, meaning "firm, steadfast."
Fowke - Variant form of English Fulke, meaning "people, tribe."
Franciszka - Feminine form of Polish Franciszek, meaning "French."
Frithnanth - Visigothic name composed of the Germanic elements frithu "prepared, protection, ready, safety" and nantha "journey" or "recklessness," traditionally rendered by the Visigoths as "ardent for peace." 
Fedir - Ukrainian form of Russian Fedar, meaning "gift of God."
Farrell - Irish surname transferred to forename use, from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Fearghail "descendant of Fearghal," hence "man of valor."
Felícia - Hungarian form of Latin Felicia, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Freddercke - Frisian form of Old High German Frideric, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Fatos - Albanian name meaning "daring."
Fenfang - Chinese name meaning "fragrant."
Fionnuala - Modern form of Irish Gaelic Fionnghuala, meaning "white shoulder."
Frithunantus - Latin form of Visigothic Frithnanth, meaning "ardent for peace."
Fröja - Old Swedish form of Old Norse Freyja, meaning "lady, mistress."
Francesc - Catalan form of Latin Franciscus, meaning "French."
Fleurette - Diminutive form of French Fleur ("flower"), meaning "little flower."
Funanya - African Igbo name meaning "love."
Fredda - Pet form of English Winifred, meaning "holy reconciliation."
Ferdynand - Polish form of Visigothic Frithnanth, meaning "ardent for peace."
Praise - English name derived from the vocabulary word, "praise," from Old French preisier, from Late Latin preciare, meaning "price," hence "to value."
Freeman - English surname transferred to forename use, meaning "freeman."
Fédora - Feminine form of Russian Fédor, meaning "gift of God."
Iñigo - Variant spelling of Spanish Iñjgo, probably meaning "my little one."
Yediydeyah - Hebrew name meaning "beloved of God," "delight of God," or "friend of God." In the bible, this is a name given to Solomon by Nathan. Jedidiah is the Anglicized form.