WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Hollis - English surname transferred to unisex forename use, from Old English holegn "holly" denoting someone who "lives near holly trees."
Xiurong - Chinese name meaning "adorned/decorated appearance" or "slender figure."
Ximenes - Variant spelling of Mexican Ximenez, meaning "hearkening." 
Kay - Short form of names beginning with the letter "K."
Happy - English unisex name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "happy." Compare with Gay and Merry.
Khorshed - Variant spelling of Persian unisex Khurshid, meaning "sun."
Hanan - Arabic name meaning "compassion, mercy." Compare with masculine Hanan.
Xylia - English name derived from the Greek word xylon, meaning "forest-dweller." 
Hao - Vietnamese unisex name meaning "good."
Kelley - Variant spelling of English unisex Kelly, meaning "bright-headed."
Xia - Chinese name meaning "summer."
Xanti - Basque form of Spanish Santiago, meaning "Saint Iago."
Renée - Feminine form of French René, meaning "reborn."
Buster - English slang term for someone who breaks things transferred to forename use, originally derived from the verb bust, meaning "to break, smash," hence "breaker, destroyer, smasher."
Sheng - Chinese name meaning "birth" or "life."
Adahy - Native American Cherokee name meaning "lives in the woods."
Avedis - Variant spelling of Armenian Avedig, meaning "good messenger."
Aino - Finnish myth name from the epic poem Kalevala, meaning "the only one."
Athamas - Greek name meaning "rich harvest." In mythology, this is the name of the father of Phrixus.
Prasanna - Hindi name meaning "pleased."
Hasib - Arabic name meaning "respected."
Debbi - Variant spelling of English Debbie, meaning "bee."
Jaylon - Variant spelling of English Jalen, meaning "God lodges" or "passing the night; tarrying."
Ionatán - Irish form of Hebrew Yownathan, meaning "God has given." 
Mahtab - Persian name meaning "like moonlight."
Rufaro - African Shona name meaning "happiness."
Bogdan - Slavic name composed of the elements bog "god" and dan "gift," hence "gift from God." In use by the Bulgarians.
Koldo - Short form of Basque Koldobika, meaning "famous warrior." 
Imani - African Swahili name meaning "faith."
Anonna - Variant spelling of English Annona, which was probably derived from the plant genus name annona, from Taíno annon, a species of plants which produce nutritious edible pond-apples.
Athene -  Greek myth name of the goddess of wisdom. Plato fancifully derived her name from a-theo-noa, meaning "mind of God," but the true meaning is unknown. Her Roman name is Minerva ("intellect").
Isaák - Greek form of Hebrew Yitzchak, meaning "he will laugh." 
Tanja - Pet form of Latin Tatiana, probably meaning "father."
Haruo - Japanese name meaning "spring man."
Achcauhtli - Nahuatl unisex name meaning"leader."
Frey - Icelandic form of Old Norse Freyr, meaning "lord, master."
Yowkebed - Hebrew name meaning "God is glory." In the bible, this is the name of the mother of Miriam, Aaron and Moses.
Devil - English form of  Greek Diabolos, meaning "accuser, slanderer." In the bible, this is a title for Satan, the prince of demons and author of evil, who estranges men from God and entices them to sin. Figuratively, the devil is a man who, by opposing the cause of God, may be said to act the part of the devil or to side with him.
Fionnagán - Double diminutive of Gaelic Fionn, meaning "tiny little white one."
Amancio - Spanish form of Roman Latin Amantius, meaning "loving."
Nosh - Native American Algonquin name meaning "father."
Noëlle - Feminine form of French Noël, meaning "day of birth."
Nimrod - Anglicized form of Hebrew Nimrowd, meaning "rebel." In the bible, this is the name of a great-grandson of Noah who was a renowned hunter.
Zenzi - Pet form of German Kreszenz, meaning "to spring up, grow, thrive."
Jacinth - English form of French Jacinthe, meaning "hyacinth flower." 
Attius - From Roman Latin Attilius, possibly meaning "father."
Jinjing - Chinese name meaning "essence of gold."
Hevel - Variant spelling of Hebrew Hebel, "breath, breathing." 
Anwyn - Variant spelling of Welsh Anwen, meaning "very fair."
Durga - Hindi myth name borne by the goddess Devi, derived from the Sanskrit word durga, meaning "fort" or "protected place," hence "unapproachable." She is usually depicted riding a lion or tiger, and having twelve hands, each holding a weapon and assuming a mudra (symbolic hand gesture).