Meaning name Želimir



Meaning name Želimir
Croatian name composed of the Slavic elements shelit "desire" and mir "peace," hence "desires peace."
Zelai - Basque name meaning "meadow."
Zelda (yiddish - זֶעלְדֶע):  Short form of German Griselda,meaning "graybattle maid." 
Zelia - English name of Latin origin, meaning "zealous."
Zella - Variant spelling of English Zelia, meaning "zealous." 
Zelma - English variant spelling of German Selma, meaning "divine helmet." 
Zelpah - Variant spelling of Hebrew Zelpha, meaning "to trickle" or "youthful."
Zelpha - Variant spelling of Hebrew Zylpha, meaning "to trickle" or "youthful."
Zeltzin - Nahuatl name meaning "delicate."
Zelig -  Variant spelling of Yiddish Selig,meaning "blessed; holy." 
Željko - Pet form of Croatian Želimir, meaning "desires peace."