Meaning name Émile



Meaning name Émile
French form of Latin Æmilius, meaning "rival."
Emi - Japanese name meaning 1) "beautiful blessing" or 2) "beautiful picture."
Emigdia - Feminine form of Spanish Emigdio, meaning "half-god, demigod." 
Emiko - Japanese name meaning 1) "beautiful child" or 2) "smiling child."
Emilee - Variant spelling of English Emily, meaning "rival."
EmÍlia - Slovak form of Latin Emilia, meaning "rival."
Emilia - Medieval spelling of Roman Latin Æmilia, meaning "rival."
Emiliana - Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Emiliano, meaning "rival."
Émilie - Feminine form of French Émile, meaning "rival."
Emilie - German form of Latin Emilia, meaning "rival."
Emilija - Croatian form of Latin Emilia, meaning "rival."