WhatName: What is the meaning of my name?

"What is the meaning of my name?" is a common question people have when they visit our web site.


Leuis - Greek name meaning "joined." In the bible, this is the name of the son of Alphaeus, a collector of customs.
Kazumi - Japanese name meaning "harmonious beauty."
Koji - Japanese name meaning "light/shining second (child)."
Parveen - Hindi form of Persian Parvin, meaning "the Pleiades."
Alfredo - Italian and Spanish form of Latin Alfredus, meaning "elf counsel."
Marion - Medieval diminutive form of French Marie ("obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion"), hence "little rebel." Compare with masculine Marion.
Prakash - Hindi name meaning "light."
Hêbê - Greek name derived from the word hebos, meaning "young." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of youth.
Ram - Hebrew name meaning "high." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including a son of Hezron.
Gautam - Variant spelling of Hindi Gautama, meaning "the best ox."
Leonhard - Variant spelling of German Leonhardt, meaning "lion-strong."
Laurentiu - Romanian form of Roman Latin Laurentius, meaning "of Laurentum."
Kyrillos - Greek name meaning "lord."
Noshi - Variant of Algonquin Nosh, meaning "father."
Nosh - Native American Algonquin name meaning "father."
Nosizwe - African Xhosa name meaning "mother of the nation."
Leyton - Variant spelling of English Layton, meaning "leek garden."
Breixo - Galician-Portuguese form of Roman Latin Verissimus, meaning "very true."
Obed - Anglicized form of Hebrew Owbed, meaning "serving, worshiping." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including a son of Ruth. 
Benito - Contracted form of Spanish Benedicto, meaning "blessed." 
Yehowah - An English pronunciation of the ineffable name of the Hebrew god YHWH, meaning "existing one." 
Roselyn - Variant spelling of English Rosalyn, meaning "weak horse."
Adelina -   Italian and Spanish diminutive form of Latin Adela, meaning "little noble."
Xochitl - Nahuatl name meaning "flower." 
Philemon - Greek name meaning "affectionate." In the bible, this is the name of an apostle to whom Paul sent a letter from prison. In mythology, this is the name of the husband of Baucis. They were the only couple in Tyana who were hospitable to the disguised gods Zeus and Hermes. 
Azalia - Variant spelling of English Azalea, a name derived from the flower name, from Greek azaleos, meaning "dry."
Alessia - Feminine form of Italian Alessio, meaning "defender." 
Jemmy - Pet form of English James, meaning "supplanter." 
Rahat - Arabic unisex name meaning "comfort, rest."
Marita -  Pet form of Spanish María, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion."
Barthold - Variant spelling of German Berthold, meaning "bright ruler."
Joëlle -  Feminine form of French Joël, meaning "Jehovah is God" or "to whom Jehovah is God."
Kleopatra - Greek name composed of the elements kleos "glory" and patēer "father," hence "glory of the father." Cleopatra VII reigned as Queen of Egypt from 51-30 B.C. She was born in 69 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt and is believed to have been black African. 
Epiphany - English religious name, meaning simply "epiphany."
Nima - Arabic name meaning "blessing."
Wenceslaus - Latin form of Bulgarian Ventsislav, meaning "more glory."
Phile - Feminine form of Greek Philon, meaning "to love."
Rébecca - French form of Greek Rhebekka, meaning "ensnarer." 
Andrina - Elaborated form of English Andrea, meaning "man; warrior."
Qinisela - African Zulu name meaning "persevere."
Knud - Danish variant form of Scandinavian Knut, meaning "knot." 
Johna - Variant spelling of English Johnna, meaning "God is gracious."
Digory - Cornish and English form of French Degaré, probably meaning "strayed, lost." 
Bruadar - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Bruadair, meaning "dream." 
Serena - Latin name derived from the word serenus, meaning "serene, tranquil."
Kasimira - Feminine form of German Kasimir, meaning "commands peace."
Lihua - Chinese name meaning either "beautiful flower" or "pear flower."
Cort - Variant spelling of Dutch Kort, meaning "bold counsel."
Samanta - Italian form of English Samantha, meaning "heard of God," "his name is El," or "name of God."
Arawn - Welsh myth name of the Lord of Annwn ("un-world; under-world"), possibly meaning "unrestrained wildness."